What is the Most Efficient Portable Generator?

In recent technology, it has led to the advent of fuel efficient power generators for portable use called inverter generators. They are typically smaller and more compact but are fuel efficient. These generators are perfect for camping or even portable backup power in an emergency. They are powerful enough to handle some tools and can be used for quick and dependable power.

Most efficient portable generator:

  • Earthquake IG800 model 11613:

This small, quiet and compact inverter generator produces 800 watts of capacity and around 700 watts continuous. This will make it easy to carry sites with easy. This is perfect for camping. It is fuel efficient and running about 14 hours on a gallon of gas. It is also quiet and it will have one outlet but for its size, this is expected. This generator is great for anyone who lives in an apartment.

  • Powerhouse 60370 500Wi:

This generator supplies 500 watts of capacity and 450 watts of continuous generation. As with the other generators, this is a lightweight model and runs for a long time on a single gallon. It is fully CARB and EPA compliant that means low emissions. Great for camping and for a small apartment. It is super quiet and easy to use.

  • 2015 DG-3000 digital inverter generator:

It generates a healthy 3000 watts capacity and 2700 continuous power. This is more than enough for camping and as an emergency backup generation for small appliances and devices. The unit is fully digital. The power generated has an extremely low variance and it is fuel efficient. The run time will vary depending on load and it produces more power. It is easily carried to any place.

These generators are extremely fuel efficient and that are perfect for a variety of uses around the home.