A WEN56180 Review – What You Need To Know

Assesment of WEN56180 Portable GeneratorAre you looking for a dependable portable generator at a good price? The WEN 56180 is definitely worth looking at. This is a simple but powerful portable generator from WEN, the renowned generator brand. Since it was established in 1951, WEN continues to be a global industry leader in engines and power tools technologies with special focus on power and performance.

This WEN 56180 review explores the generator’s key features, uses, the pros and cons and other useful functions that make the WEN 56180 one of the most dependable generators on the market today.

What does the WEN 56180 power?

One of the reasons why we call the WEN 56180 a dependable generator is the fact that it provides a reliable source of power in any situation. You can depend on it to power a wide range of tools and appliances at home or even at the campsite. It is a reliable home backup source of power and quite useful for other applications such as job sites, camping, sports events and much more.

You can use the generator at home to run just about every simple domestic appliance including microwave ovens, computers, HDTV, cooker, fridge, sump pump and much more. It is a great power source to have at home when a sudden power outage occurs.

Outdoors, the generator will still provide a dependable supply of power for your power tools, TVs, and lights. You can use it at construction sites to run compressors, drills, saws, paint sprayers, and a host of other power tools. The WEN 56180 is a reliable companion to have on your tailgating events too.

Review of the WEN 56180 key features

Here is a short rundown of the WEN 56180 key features and specs:

  • The generator has an output capacity of 1500 continuous running watts and starting wattage of 1800 watts
  • It runs on a 4-stroke OHV single cylinder engine that is reliably powerful and fuel-efficient too. The engine uses a forced-air cooling system that helps to avoid overheating when the generator is operating at optimal level.
  • The portable WEN 56180 has a compact lightweight design that makes it easy to transport. With its weight of just 57 pounds, the generator is ranked among the most lightweight portable generators on the market today. For even easier portability, it has firm handles on each side.
  • It has smooth and quiet operation made possible by motor mounts that hold the engine securely to minimize vibrations. It also features a noise muffler for further noise reduction. The generator’s noise level is rated at 65 decibels when operating at full load.
  • It is a fuel efficient generator too. A full tank running at 50% load will give you 7.5 hours of uninterrupted power. It has a full tank capacity of 1.45 gallons and burns at a rate of 0.386 gallons per hour when running at full load.
  • It has automatic low-oil shut off function which stops the engine when oil levels drop to a level that would damage the engine.
  • For additional safety, the WEN 56180 features a spark arrestor that reduces production of sparks while operating. This feature makes the generator safe for use in national parks and other forested areas.
  • For convenient handling and operation, the generator has a side panel dashboard with all the functions you need to monitor performance.
  • It has two 120V AC outlets and a single 12V outlet. This means that you can connect to the generator multiple appliances and tools you need powered at home, construction site, or at the camp.
  • It has an easy and convenient starting method that uses a Pull Start system.
  • The WEN 56180 is CARB compliant and EPA III approved. It gives clean power and is environment-friendly.
  • It is an affordable, dependable, and durable generator built to serve you for many years.
  • It comes with a detailed user manual
  • It comes with a two-year limited warranty for parts and repairs.

WEN 56180 Digital Meter-Hour Review

One thing that sets the WEN 56180 apart from the rest is its digital meter-hour feature, which reminds the user when the generator’s engine requires servicing. Most users of portable generators hardly know when their generators need servicing and often have to make unreliable guesses based on the unit’s performance.

With this feature, you’ll be notified when your generator requires to be serviced at the right time. Keep in mind portable generators have to be serviced at regularly for the best performance and durability.

The WEN 56180 Engine Assessment

This compact portable generator comes with a powerful 4-stroke overhead valve (OHV) engine built to give you great fuel efficiency and consistent performance. Unlike other non-overhead valve types of engines, the WEN 56180’s engine is more durable and has great performance too.

It gives you a continuous output of 1500 watts and 1800 starting or surge watts. This is enough power to run everything in and outside your home, from blenders, microwave ovens, HDTV, and computers to sump pumps, power tools, and job site equipment.

The engine’s water cooling system helps to keep the temperatures down when the generator is operating at maximum level.

Solid Built and Portable Design

The generator has a solid steel frame build that not only adds to its durability but also ensures that the generator can handle any tough task. It has a portable design that allows you to carry the unit anywhere you want to go.

It measures just 20x15x16 inches which is compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car. It is lightweight at just 57 pounds, which means it can easily be carried by one person holding its two side handles.

Review of the WEN 56180 Control Panel Design

The generator has one of the most functional yet simplest panel designs. You obviously don’t want a generator that is too complicated to use, especially when power suddenly goes out. The WEN 56180 has a simple panel that does not require advanced knowledge in electricity to use.

The panel has two 120V AC 12.5 Amp outlets for all your domestic appliances and a single 12V DC outlet to charge your batteries. The engine switch is on the left side of the panel and a green power indicator lamp located on the upper right side.

There is also a tow-circuit reset next to the 120V AC outlet. It is a simple intuitive panel designed for beginner and advanced generator users.

Noise Level Analysis

There is nothing as annoying as a loud generator whether at camping sites or at home. You only need to have a neighbor with one to understand the importance of noise level when shopping for a generator.

WEN 56180 is smooth and quiet

The WEN 56180 runs smooth and quiet. It has a noise level of around 63 decibels which may not be super quiet but not loud enough to make you raise your voice when having a conversation near the unit.

Overheating and Overloading Prevention

Overheating often results from low oil level. It can lead to serious damage to the generator’s internal components. To prevent overheating, the WEN 56180 has a Low-Oil sensor that stops the engine automatically when oil supply drops to a dangerous level.

To prevent overloading, the generator has a circuit breaker that automatically shuts down the generator when the load power exceeds its capacity. You can then restore its operation by eliminating excess load and pressing the generator’s Circuit Reset button on the panel.

CARB Compliance and EPA Review

The WEN 56180 has been approved by the Californian Air Regulatory Board for non-pollutant air and emissions. It is safe to use at home without fear of exposing your family to dangerous carbon emissions and fumes.

The generator is also EPA III approved which means you can safely use it in National Parks. It has a low noise level and low emissions.

WEN 56180 Pros:

  • Powerful generator with great output of 1500 running watts and 1800 surge watts
  • It has an internal forced-air cooling system
  • The two 120V three-prong outlets are very useful for running multiple appliances
  • The automatic Low-Oil shut off features adds to its durability
  • Its spark arrestor adds safety in wooded areas
  • It is EPA III and CARB compliant
  • It has a compact lightweight design for easy portability


  • A few users have complained of oil leakage which could be one of those rare factory defects. If your unit shows signs of oil leakage, take it back for further inspection.
  • It is not designed for high power needs but works fine for domestic and camping uses


In online reviews, users of the WEN 56180 have expressed satisfaction with the generator’s stellar performance at home, work sites, and camping.

It is powerful enough to power your domestic appliances, for tailgating events, powering your tools and equipment at job sites, and generally as a dependable power backup during emergencies.

As discussed in this WEN 56180 review, the generator comes with great features including easy portability, CARB compliance, an easy-to-use panel design, fuel efficiency, and an affordable price. We highly recommend it as a dependable power backup unit.