How Many Hours Will A Portable Generator Last?

A sudden and long lasting power outage makes a portable generator a must but finding one when you need it is not easy. A portable generator will run indefinitely for long fuel is supplied to the generator. During an extended power outage lasting several days and you will want to conserve generator usage.


Most of the solar generator application requires a degree of portability. If the system itself will be moved then this will allow for solar tracking and on-demand usage. The battery will increase the weight significantly and solid storage capacity will make for a heavy system and reduce the mobility. The solar generators skirt this issue by not having the storage capacity. The result will be portable solar generators that will look like that will have a hard time pushed by a body builder. The proper weight distribution will secure the ability for portable solar generators to be used off the grid and pushed easily on location.

How long do portable generators last?

Generators were for pretty intermittent use but got back from a remote area in Alaska where the only power is what you make yourself. Most of them will run 24/7/365. So how many hours are typically good for with proper maintenance of course.

Generators will last about 200 hours and some of the generators are 2500w with 2 hours. The generator will be practical for a hurricane scenario because the power will be up again eventually but for the long term use in a bad scenario will dry up after a while. If you have limited storage capabilities for fuel storage but your fuel is going to run out. Then the generator will be of no use.

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