Can A Portable Generator Run an Air Conditioner?

Having a generator is very important in these days to keep our regular activities and lifestyle during the power off situations. When it comes to the generator, most of the people prefer a portable generator, because it is easy to carry this kind of generator to the outside too. But, can a portable generator run an air conditioner? This is the question asked by many AC holders to enjoy cool climate even at power-off condition. However, the answer is “Yes”, and you can power your AC unit, but you can able to power up many appliances along with AC unit. Stay here and continue your reading of this section to find a lot.

Can a portable generator run an air conditioner?

The usage of the generator for various appliances to power up is highly based on the size of the generator. In order to determine necessary size of the generator, the value of wattage aids you. The wattage is the primary unit of the generator that helps to determine the size and other needs. So, prior to paying for the portable generator, you need to do some calculation to determine the required generator for your home.

AC unit wattage:

While looking required wattage level for AC unit, it has 2 ratings such as starting and running wattage. Generally, the starting wattage is higher than the running wattage, because the machine starts up to initiate the running process at a higher rate. A standard wattage level of the AC unit is 2200, which is the starting wattage level and then the amperage drops the level and goes down up to 1500. From the specification of the generator, you can able to determine these values.

Basics of Generators:

The smaller generators include portable gas powered units, whereas the largest industrial size generator will give power to an entire home or meets the facilities. Therefore, the homeowner can have small, portable or whole house generator based on the facilities they need. On the other hand, electricians also install the generator based on the size and specifications. At the same time, connecting the generator to the electrical panel features more efficient and safer power.

Generator wattage:

There are so many types of generators and quiet generators on the market, but all those are rated based on the maximum wattage level that provides. Generally, the portable generator for emergency use is made out to give from 4000W to 7500W. But, the whole-house generator gives up to 25,000W so that it will satisfy all the needed facilities. At the same time, based on the wattage level, you will also get the increased size.

As I said before, you can able to use a portable generator to run the air conditioner, but you can’t able to use for more appliances when it runs for an AC unit. Therefore, based on your needs, you have to calculate the wattage level and then pick the size of the generator. So, you no need to worry about appliances to power up.