What Is The Best Quiet Portable Generator – Unbiased Reviews

One of the key factors to consider when shopping for a good portable generator is its noise level. You obviously want the best quiet portable generator you can find on the market at the right price.

The quietest generator for camping and domestic use should ideally have noise level ranging from 47 to 76 decibels. The amount of noise produced by a portable generator largely depends on its internal mechanism and the environment you use it in.

The best quiet portable generators today use inverter technology to fulfill all your energy needs with the least noise. They have the same power capacity as standard generators with less noise.

Best Quiet Portable Generators:

Why Look for a Quiet Portable Generator?

The amount of noise a generator produces while running is a critical factor to consider when looking for a good generator. A noisy generator is a major annoyance both at home or campsite. You wouldn’t want to ruin your great time while camping or an outdoor family gathering with a loud generator.

In fact, most camping sites today have strict noise limitations which include the roar coming from your generator. The best quiet portable generator will not annoy your neighbors during a power outage.

Why Standard Generators Have High Noise Levels

Most standard generators have a common disadvantage of producing too much noise while running. The generators are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, which runs a motor attached to an alternator that produces electric power. They have an approximate speed of 3600 rpm which is capable of producing 120 to 140 volts of AC electricity.

These standard generators are not only noisier but are less fuel efficient than modern inverter generators. Their technological design has remained unchanged for years making them less efficient and noisier than the latest portable generator models.

Why Inverter Generators Are the Best Quiet Portable Generator Models

Inverter generators use the latest technology featuring advanced electronic circuitry and magnets to eliminate most problems found in standard generators, such as high noise levels.

Like standard generators, inverter generators produce AC current but in this case, the current is first converted to DC or direct current then inverted back to AC. There are many benefits of AC current, for example, it is cleaner and safer.

Inverter generators have low noise emission levels

Inverter generators have low noise emission levels. They have noise reduction features such as special mufflers and sound-dampening technology that helps to significantly reduce noise emission. An inverter generator has the ability to adjust its operational characteristics depending on the needed output.

They use special microprocessors and advanced electronics to adjust the power or wattage produced depending on the load. This ability to run according to the required load not only makes inverter generators more fuel efficient but less noisy too.

If you are looking for the best quiet portable generator on the market today, make sure the model you choose is an inverter generator.

Review of the Best Quiet Portable Generator Models

To help you make an informed decision, we went out and researched some of the top quiet portable generators on the market today and came up with the following recommendations:

WEN 56200i Review

top quiet portable generator
The WEN 56200i is one of the best portable generators for all your domestic and camping needs. It is a small compact yet powerful inverter generator. Let’s look at some of the key features that make the WEN 56200i the quietest generator for RV, camping, and domestic uses.

For a start, it is CARB compliant and safe from harmful emissions. You can use it in a wide range of applications without fear of emissions. The WEN 56200i works perfectly as an RV generator, in camping sites, at construction sites, as a reliable power source for tailgating events, and as backup power at home during power outages.

Features Analysis

  • The generator has great fuel efficiency that gives you up to 6 hours runtime from a single tank fill running at 50% load.
  • It comes with a strong 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV engine capable of delivering an impressive output of 1,600 running watts and 2,000 starting or surge watts.
  • The generator uses pure sine wave technology that provides clean and safe energy for sensitive appliances such as laptops and small fridges.
  • It comes with an automatic shutdown feature that turns off the engine when oil or fuel level runs low to avoid damage to the engine components.
  • In terms of output, the WEN 56200i gives you two 3-prong 120V AC receptacles, a single 12V DC outlet, and a 5V USB port.

Noise Level Assessment

One of the most attractive features of the WEN 56200i is its low noise level. It is ranked among the quietest generators on the market today with a noise level of just 51 decibels at 25% load and just 55 decibels at 75% load. You can freely have a calm normal conversation near the generator without raising your voices.

It is an inverter generator with variable engine speed that adjusts to the amount of load to keep the noise level at minimum. If you are planning to camp in a site with strict noise emission limits, then the WEN 56200i inverter generator is your best option.

Final Thoughts on the WEN 56200i

In our analysis, the WEN 56200i is one of the best quiet portable generators on the market today. It gives you great fuel economy, it’s easy to use, can easily be used with another generator in tandem, and runs extremely quiet. It is a quiet inverter generator that will not strain your relations with neighbors when power goes out.

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Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ Review

quality quiet generator
One great thing about inverter generators is the fact that they have become more affordable and produce clean energy with low noise levels. The Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ is a perfect example of a powerful and affordable inverter generator that gives you great value without sacrificing on performance.

Let’s take a look at a few key features that make the Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ one of the best options for homeowners and campers looking for the quietest generator for RV or camping uses.

Features Assessment

  • The AP-2000iQ comes with a powerful Yamaha MZ80 79cc engine, which has great fuel efficiency and extremely quiet operation.
  • The generator delivers 1600 running watts and 2000 surge or starting watts, which is quite impressive for a compact generator.
  • You can even run it parallel with another generator if more power is needed. It employs sine wave output technology which makes it safer for powering your sensitive gadgets.

The AP-2000iQ is sufficient for most of your home or recreational needs.

AP-2000iQ Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, the AP-2000iQ has a small 1.1 gallon tank that gives you a runtime of up to 8.2 hours when running at 50% load. This is great fuel efficiency for a small compact inverter generator.

Review of the AP-2000iQ Noise Level

Users of this compact inverter generator have cited great satisfaction with its Yamaha engine which purrs at an extremely low noise level of just 51 decibels.

This is in fact lower than the sound produced in a normal conversion. The extremely low noise level makes this generator an ideal choice for recreational use in serene camping grounds with strict noise emission policies.

Final Verdict on the Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ

The AP-2000iQ portable inverter generator provides the perfect combination of quality, performance, and price. It operates and sounds like other higher priced models such as the Honda EU2000i and the Yamaha EF2000iS but comes at a comparatively lower cost.

You can use it quite easily in parallel with another generator if you need extra power. Another great thing about the AP-2000iQ is the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty for parts and repairs. If you are looking for a super quiet compact generator with high power output at the right price, then the Smart Tools AP-2000iQ is worth looking into.

Yamaha EF2000iS Review

best quiet portable generator
This is another high quality portable inverter generator from the renowned brand, Yamaha. The EF2000iS delivers reliable output of 1600 watts running power and starting power of 2000 watts.

It comes with a built-in inverter technology that gives you clean pure sine wave AC power that is safe to use for sensitive equipment.

It is powered by 4-stroke engine fueled by unleaded gasoline. The Yamaha EF2000iS has a compact lightweight design with a weight of just 45 pounds. You can easily carry it along by its single handle.

Other key features of the generator include an easy recoil start, low oil warning system, Smart Throttle economy switch, and extremely quiet operation.

Yamaha EF2000iS Noise Level Review

The EF2000iS is among the quietest portable generators in the 2000 watts range. It’s only rivaled by the super quiet but more expensive Honda EU2000i in noise level rating. It has a noise level rating of 51.5 decibels at 25% load from a distance of 7 meters.

It is so quiet that you can easily have a normal conversion without even realizing the generator is running nearby. The EF2000iS comes with a super-quiet muffler and noise reduction technology that provide the quietest operation possible.

It has an advanced sound blocking design featuring noise absorbing glass wool that help to dampen noise even while operating at heavy load. In addition to its super-quiet muffler, the EF2000iS has vibration-isolating feet that help to minimize noise.

Overall Review of the Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Inverter Generator

Its muffler comes with a spark arrestor approved by the USFS, which makes it safe for use in campsites and wooded areas. Its Smart Throttle economy control works to reduce fuel consumption and noise level.

At just 52 decibel when operating at less than 400 watts power load, the EF2000iS is definitely one of the best quiet portable generator models on the market today.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC Review

top rated quiet generator
The Yamaha EF2400iSHC is one of the quietest generators for your RV or as a smaller backup power source for your home during power outages. It delivers super-clean power quietly and efficiently.

It is small, compact, and lightweight. However, like most inverter generators, it has a higher price tag than the noisier standard generators.

EF2400iSHC Features Analysis

One of the best things about the EF2400iSHC is its 171cc air cooled 4-stroke OHV engine capable of delivering 2,000 watts running power and 2,400 watts of surge or starting power. This is enough to run all the major appliances in your home including a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, a microwave oven, sumps, and several construction tools.

Similar to other inverter generators from Yamaha, the EF2400iSHC has Pulse Width Modulation that delivers clean and safe power that can be used to power sensitive equipment and appliances such as laptops and computers, flatscreen Plasma TVs, home-theaters, and other delicate audio visual equipment.

The generator has a 1.6 gallon fuel tank that gives you a long runtime of nine hours while running at ¼ of maximum load. Its fuel efficiency is further enhanced by an automatic throttling system, which ensures the engine speed adjusts to the amount of load automatically. This is beneficial especially to users with light energy requirements.

Other key features include:

  • An advanced noise-dampening technology
  • EPA/CARB compliance
  • Automatic low-oil shut off system to prevent damage to the engine when oil level runs low.
  • It also comes with a 12V DC cable.
  • The generator has an easy starting system that uses a pull-start mechanism.

Starting the generator is quiet easy. For easy monitoring of the generator’s performance and settings, the EF2000iSHC has a control panel that includes two 120V.20Amp outlets and single 12V DC outlet that you can use for simple gadgets such as your phone charger.

Noise Level Assessment

The Yamaha EF2400iSHC has a noise level rating of between 53 to 60 decibels depending on the amount of load, which makes it an extremely quiet inverter generator.

This is just about whisper-level sound. It is a quiet generator ideal for recreational activities such as camping and tailgating parties.

Final Thoughts on the Yamaha EF2400iSHC

The EF2400iSHC has a reputation for being the perfect RV generator, and for a good reason. It is a compact lightweight inverter generator capable of delivering enough power to run all your appliances.

It also fuel efficient and best of all runs at a whisper-quiet noise level. It is also less expensive than other models with similar features and noise level rating.

The Honda EU2000I Review

the best generator that is quiet
The Honda EU2000I has the reputation of being the quietest portable inverter generator on the market today. Similar to other Honda products, the EU2000I lives up to the brand’s reputation for reliability and performance.

The Honda EU2000I Features Assessment

The EU2000I inverter generator is not only super-quiet and lightweight but user-friendly too. Key features include:

  • The generator comes with a detailed user manual to guide you every step of the way.
  • It is a light portable generator with a weight of just 46 pounds on an empty tank.
  • The generator has an efficient powerful 4-stroke 98.5cc GX100 air cooled engine.
  • Its pull starting mechanism is quite easy to use. You only need a single easy yank on the pull mechanism to get the engine rolling.
  • The engine has a 0.95-gallons fuel tank and a separate 0.42 quirts oil reservoir.

Performance-wise, the Honda EU2000I has a great output that can meet all your power needs anytime anywhere. It has a rating of 2000 watts of surge or starting power and 1600 watts of running power.

The generator is perfect for your RV, camping, and domestic power back-up.

The Honda EU2000I Noise Level Review

Most gas-powered generators are known to be annoyingly loud but the EU2000I is the exact opposite. It is the quietest portable generator with a noise level of just 59 decibels from a distance of 20 feet. The sound it produces while running can only be compared to a casual calm conversation.

It is quieter than the sound you hear from distant traffic. The extremely low noise level makes the EU2000I a perfect choice for campers. This is because most camping grounds today have strict noise emission limits. Some campsites have noise control policies that limit the amount of noise you produce to a range of 60 to 70 decibels.

Your EU2000I noise level falls way below the limits and will not be an annoyance to your fellow campers or neighbors.

Verdict on the Honda EU2000I Inverter Generator

Overall, the Honda EU2000I is rated among the quietest generators today at just 59 decibels. It is the perfect portable inverter generator for camping activities or simply as a back-up power source for your home.

The EU2000I has a compact lightweight design and every key feature you need in a reliable and efficient generator.

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The WEN 56180 Review

most quiet generator
The WEN 56180 is an excellent low noise portable inverter generator from the renowned generator brand, WEN. It is a reliable generator that can be used in any situation at home or away. The WEN 56180 is also a great power source for outdoor applications such as construction sites, camping, and sports or tailgating events.

The generator is powerful enough to run a wide variety of domestic appliances including computers, HDTV, microwave ovens, fridges, sum pumps, and other small gadgets used at home. It is also a reliable backup power source to keep your lights on during emergency power outages.

The generator is an excellent source of power for construction and other job sites where you need sufficient power to run drills, paint sprayers, compressors, power saws, and other power tools.

WEN 56180 Features Assessment

The WEN 56180 has all the key features and specs you need in an efficient quiet inverter generator.

  • It has an output capacity of 1800 watts surge or starting power and 1500 watts of running power.
  • The generator is powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder OHV engine that is not only powerful but fuel efficient too.
  • The engine has a forced-air cooling system that prevents overheating when the unit is operating at maximum capacity.
  • The engine has an impressive fuel efficiency provided by a 1.45 gallons tank that burns fuel at a rate of 0.386 gallons per hour. A full tank gives you 7.5 hours of uninterrupted power while running at 50% load.
  • In terms of design, the WEN 56180 has a compact lightweight built that makes it easily portable, especially with its two side handles. It is one of lightest inverter generators with a weight of only 57 pounds.
  • The generator comes with an auto low oil feature which automatically stops the engine when oil level runs low to avoid damage to internal components.
  • As an additional safety measure, the generator has a spark arrestor that minimizes production of sparks, which makes it safe to use in wooded areas and national parks.
  • It is EPA III compliant and CARB approved for clean power. The generator has two 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC port.
  • It has a side panel dashboard for easier monitoring of performance and operations.
  • You also get a user manual and two-year limited warranty when you purchase the unit.

WEN 56180 Inverter Generator Noise Level Review

One thing you’ll like about the WEN 56180 inverter generator is its smooth and quiet running. This is because of its motor mounts that hold the engine firmly to avoid vibrations and noise.

The generator also features advanced noise mufflers and other noise reduction technologies that give it a noise level rating of 65 decibels when running at full load. This may not be super-quiet but not loud enough to disturb anyone close by.

Final Thoughts on the WEN 56180

Most users of this generator expressed great satisfaction with its excellent performance in their online reviews. It is a handy back-up power source to have at home, in your RV, at the camping site or at a construction site.

It is powerful enough to run most of your home appliances, workshop tools and equipment, job site power tools, and even for exciting tailgating events. It is lightweight, has a compact easily portable design, is CARB compliant for clean energy, has great fuel efficiency, and runs quiet enough for your comfort.

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful inverter generator, the WEN 56180 is definitely worth checking.

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The Generac iQ2000 Review

What is the quietest generator
The Generac iQ2000 is definitely worth mentioning in this review of the best quiet portable generator models. This is a generator that combines high power output with clean and noiseless performance.

Compared to similar models that give the same amount of electric energy, such as the Honda EU2000I, the Generac iQ2000 provides a more affordable option for similar features, functions, and designs.

Analysis of the Generac iQ2000 Key Features

The Generac iQ2000 is a versatile unit that gives you a running output of 1600 watts and starting or surge output of 2000 watts. This is usually more power than you need to run basic home appliances or at a campsite.

It is a perfect portable inverter generator to carry along on picnics, camping, or tailgating events. The generator will keep all your house lights on when the power goes off without annoying your neighbors with a loud rumble.

It uses sine wave technology that electronically controls power output allowing its engine to run at variable speeds according to the amount of load.

Sine wave inverter technology reduces fuel consumption and the noise produced while the generator is running. It also helps to minimize wear and tear of internal components saving you a lot of maintenance expenses.

Noise Level Assessment

Unlike most standard generators known for annoyingly loud performance, the Generac iQ2000 is designed for quiet operation. It has a unique quiet alternator whose smooth and silent operation is enhanced by other engine features such as sine wave technology, varying engine speeds depending on the load, and advanced muffler system.

It is a great generator to carry along on camping sites with strict noise emission policies. Your neighbors will hardly hear it running when power goes off.

Generac iQ2000 Verdict

Most users of this portable inverter generator expressed satisfaction with its fuel efficiency, silent operation, power output, and price. We highly recommend it as a backup power source for both indoor and outdoor uses.

If you are in the market for a clean, easy to use, and quiet portable inverter generator that will handle all your energy needs, then the Generac iQ2000 is highly recommended.

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It is important to pay close attention to the noise level of a generator before you buy one. If you are planning a tailgating event or party, you’ll want your portable power source to run silently in the background so you can enjoy your music and other fun events.

You’ll also need an extremely quiet generator at home that runs smoothly without disturbing your family or neighbors. Besides noise level, it is also important to consider other key factors such as the generator’s power output, fuel efficiency, portability, and clean energy production when shopping for the best generator.

The portable inverter generator models we have reviewed above most of the key features you’ll need in a generator that runs quietly and efficiently. The list includes the best quiet portable generator models on the market today.