Introduction to Portable Generators

Nowadays, everyone highly relies on electricity to do just about everything. So, what happens when the power goes down for some reason? What do you do? How do you power the essentials? This is why you need a portable generator. A portable generator is ideal during an emergency and you can take them just about anywhere. Below is our guide on everything you need to know when shopping for the best portable generator for your needs. If you are looking for the best quiet generators, then we recommend reading this guide. And if you are interested in camping the reading our best generator for camping guide will help you out.

In addition, portable generators are a reliable machine to power your portable tools. When you look for a portable generator, you will get several options on the market. Thus, before forking over your hard earned cash it’s important to understand everything possible about buying a generator so you can pick the best portable generator for your needs.

How does a Portable Generator work?

In order to understand the working principle of a portable generator, it’s important to understand the components used and the functions the perform. Generally, a portable generator is made out of a power generator head, fuel source, engine, and power outlets. These are the most commonly used components of the portable generator. The workings of a generator begin at the generator head, which the component that generates the electricity and supplies the outlets.

To run the head of the generator, an engine is used and you have to use a source to fuel it. These sources can include natural gas, diesel, gasoline, and so on to start the engine. The engine usually works on a 4-cycle. Apart from that, there are other components also used on the generator such as a constant speed regulator, and cooling system.

The purpose of using the constant speed regulator is to control the speed of the spin and a cooling system lubricates the parts of the generator. In simple words, the generator head converts the mechanical energy into the electrical energy and then produces the electricity power.

Things to consider when buying Portable Generator:

With plenty of options on portable generators, choosing the best portable generator for you is not an easy task. Below is a list of things you should consider when buying a portable generator. The amount of power you need is probably going to be the most important factor when buying a portable generator. A preferable option is 5000 watts which will allow you to power all your necessary appliances. Once you have decided the amount of power you require check out the following factors.

  1. Engine

When it comes to the engine, it is best to choose an OHV engine because they are more durable due to the parts used in them. The OverHead Valve results in a longer generator running time and more efficient fuel usage too. Apart from that, there are so many other features also associated with this kind of engines such as quite working, air cooling system and cast iron sleeve. With all the features of this engine, you can able to protect your motor and obtain optimal operation.

  1. Alternator

An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. It’s important that the components used should be made out of a durable material so that you will get electric power for a lifespan.

  1. Inverter Technology

This is not a hugely important factor to look for when buying a portable generator, but an inverter is a useful component because it allows your device to generate smoother, and as well as cleaner, wattage even at a lower harmonic distortion. When you’re looking for a generator to produce power for sensitive electrical devices such as computers and laptops, you must check for this technology to get smoother power.

  1. Start

Nowadays, most generators come with a standard recoil start, but you also need to buy both an electric start and recoil start as a backup.

  1. Low oil protection system

When there is insufficient oil while the engine is operating, this protection system stops the engine and indicates that you need to add oil.

  1. Circuit breaker protection

The circuit breaker protection is must have to prevent overloads. A circuit break protection will protect your generator and you from any harm.

These are some of the things that you need to consider while buying a portable generator.

Recommended Products:

We have looked a lot of available options on portable generators in the market and took a list of best products based on the features mentioned above along with customer reviews. We also give our recommendation on the best portable generator you can buy today.

Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator

This portable generator is made out of a durable fully welded steel frame. Additionally, it also includes Yanmar LW series 435cc air-cooled direct injection and industrial grade diesel engine. It requires diesel for fuel which requires less maintenance and greater fuel efficiency and also provides a longer life span for the generator.

This device uses a true power technology to give 5% of total harmonic distortion. With this technology, it ensures a clean and smooth operation of the generator. With the large fuel tank and control system, it is very easy to maintain and power tools for as long as you need.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart 3000-Watt Inverter Generator – Best Portable Generator 

The Briggs and Stratton inverter generator is made out to give a clean and instant power to maintain the appliances and other parts of the generator during the running. It works very faster than the other traditional generators and also produces enough power too. In order to give a continues operation up to 10 hours, it has 1.5 gallons of the fuel tank, so you can fill the tank to get more running time.

When you place an order for this generator, you will get household outlets, 12-volt 30-amp locking outlet, RV adaptor, DC charging outlet and a USB port. Additionally, you no need to worry about the quality of this device with its 2-year limited warranty.

Pro-Series GENSD7, 5500 Running Watts/7000 Starting Watts

If you want to get more than 6000-watt power as the output, then the Pro-series running portable generator is the best choice for you. There is 4-gallon gas tank in this generator that helps to run a longer time, so you will get about 7 hours of running time for a full load of a tank. Apart from that, you will also get electric start, automatic low oil shut down, circuit protection and a voltage meter.

In the package of the Pro-series GENSD7, you will get 2 120V AC outlet, 1 120V AC twist lock outlet, 1 12VDC terminal, lock outlet and so on.

Suaoki Powerhouse 220Wh/20,000mAh Portable Generator

The Suaoki powerhouse offers 20,000 mAh high battery capacity, so this is capable of solving the various types of electricity demands and you can also use this device at anywhere you want without noise. Even though you can use this device at home, it is mainly used in the outdoors and emergency needs.


From this section, I hope you come to know the working principle of a portable generator and most important factors to consider buying the best portable generator. Comparing the top recommended products in this guide aids you to end your shopping with the best portable generator. So, refer this guide before paying money for the portable generator to enjoy your regular life without worrying about the lack of electricity.

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Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart 3000-Watt Inverter Generator